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Partners In Crime

The Fran/Balthier LJ Community

Partners in Crime: The Fran/Balthier LJ Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Friends? Lovers? Inseparable duo? Whatever you see this sky pirate and his viera companion as, this community is for everyone who loves the pairing of Balthier and Fran, two characters in Square Enix's recently released "Final Fantasy XII." While this game is still new both of these characters already have small gatherings of fans, and this community is here for them to meet and discuss the duo long after the end credits have rolled.

1) Members can either:
-Publish fanworks to this site, provided that it is relevant to the community (obviously, must have Balthier or Fran included). Fanworks include fanfiction, fanart and AMVs.
-Can have posts that consist of discussions or questions, but only if they remain relevant to the community.

2) Members are allowed to post advertisements for other communities related to this one (final fantasy or Square Enix-related comms are acceptable), but anything irrelevant will be deleted by the moderator.

3) You must sign up for the community before you can post anything (again, obvious.)

4) If you don't like the pairing, then don't sign up. It's pretty freakin' simple. Don't be an annoyance to others who enjoy it.

5) If you desire, feel free to tell a little about yourself and why you like this pairing via a post.